Friday, 27 February 2009

Agents get it wrong and they disagree

Still on the theme of 'not accepted yet', literary agent Janet Reid describes going to a debut author's book signing event and proves to us that no one can always get it right.

Read the blog post here

Yes, this agent may have got it wrong but yet again here's the important message within the post -

'"You rejected it," he said unnecessarily.

"Clearly I was out of my mind," I replied, also unnecessarily.

"Well, it was a much earlier version, not really ready," he replied graciously.'

And here's a post on another literary agent's blog giving another spin on a similar rejection themed story.
Read it here

It's very complicated...


Sandra Patterson said...

Woo, spooky or what, Tracy? I just read the Janet Reid post an hour ago on another site!

It brought tears to my eyes. (After three knockbacks yesterday I'm feeling a bit more fragile than normal today.) But it's a lovely reminder that a "no" isn't the same as "never".

Cheers, Sandra

Jon M said...

It's all very subjective I guess. Perhaps the flip side is that if you keep trying, and your writing's good enough, you'll find the one who loves your work. The author in the first blog had been published! :-)

I'm learning to be more positive from your previous blog posts. Had trouble posting earlier in the week though!

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