Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Online marketing - what do I know?

Online marketing - what do I know? Not a lot as it happens but I'm trying to learn because when I'm wearing my optimistic head I think I should try to be as aware as possible about how it all works - because one day, maybe, hopefully, my book(s) will be out there. In the big, wide world.

The computer's the thing - we all know that. If you don't, blimey, where have you been?
We have access to a wealth of information at our fingertips, we can discover a world of new writing, film, music, whatever we like, with just a few clicks. Exciting and scary in equal measure.

We, as writers, whether we are published or still pursuing that dream must learn to accept, acknowledge and acquire the information to use this medium as successfully as we can.
Websites, blogs, review sites, writing sites, publisher sites, agents, specialised interest sites, twitter, facebook, YouTube, Amazon, Waterstones, a variety of bookselling sites which all include reviews and write-ups. The list is endless, the opportunities are endless - all we have to do is understand how it all works and try to use it to our advantage.

I received a tweet on twitter that informed me of this interesting article on marketing on a website called Three Percent
There are some great links, so check them out.

If you are an aspiring, unpublished writer I'd recommend joining twitter mainly to get up-to-date information from the variety of writing related twitterers including publishing houses etc. I joined after a fellow SCBWI member and internet/computer whizz Candy recommended writers join.

Like I say, I'm still learning, but the more you find out, the more places it will take you, and the more people you might meet.

Following on from Clare's comment -

A couple of links for twitter users that might be of use

50 Useful Twitter Tools for Writers and Researchers

How to Use Twitter - Tips for Bloggers


Clare said...

Tracy, can you elaborate on the usefulness of twitter to writers? I have avoided it as I suspected it might be yet another tool in my procrastination armoury - what does it offer over other means of networking?

Tracy said...

Hi Clare

From my perspective, I was dubious when I joined twitter and as an unpublished writer I think it is limited because I have nothing to market. But I do think it's worth joining to find other twitterers within the publishing industry. Publishers, agents, writers - many of them twitter - it's interesting to get several snippets of information passed your way without trawling through websites etc.
Get tweetdeck it helps contain all the information at a quick glance.

I agree that there can be a tendency to spend too much time on all these sites. But I would recommend joining to get a feel for it, learn how to twitter, see how others use it because when you are ready to start marketing your book, you are ahead of the game.

Some authors are writing books using the twitter format, some just chat. I'm still learning how to find my way round the place but linking with others can help find what others are following.

I think we should consider these places as a tool. The more tools we have at our disposal the better. I know people have come to my blog via twitter.

Hope that helps

Tracy said...

Clare - I've added a couple of links that might be of interest.

Becky said...

Great points; I personally joined Twitter so that I could follow other published writers and see how they use it as an online marketing tool (Meg Cabot is a great one to follow; she's famous and personally updates her twitter and her blog regularly. Thanks for the links - they look really useful.

Becky (From AW)

Clare said...

Many thanks Tracy - I'm now twitteducated!

I hadn't realised how much there was to it having had the impression it was people telling each other what they were eating for lunch...

Its potential seems limitless really as long as you are clear what your goal is - those links you've posted are really helpful.

I agree with your comment about using it as a tool - think it might be time to re-assess my toolbox.


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