Sunday, 2 August 2009

New writer website launched and a blog award received.

Two bits of news today.

Harriet Goodwin, SCBWI Discovered Voice and tall tales & short stories interviewee, has launched a new website ahead of the publication date for her debut novel THE BOY WHO FELL DOWN EXIT 43.
Harriet's new website can be found at

The website includes extracts from The Boy Who Fell Down Exit 43 which is due out in the UK on the 7th September 2009.

You can read Harriet's interview on tall tales & short stories by clicking here

Harriet also offered her top ten tips for self-editing here

Yesterday my blog was given an award.

A wonderful surprise and gratefully received it's always nice to feel our endeavours are appreciated.
The award was presented to me by fellow writer and blogger, Col Bury from Col Bury's New Crime Fiction
Thank you Col B.

Now I award this accolade to five deserving bloggers who I admire and have inspired me.

Candy Gourlay -

Janice Hardy -

Jon Mayhew -

Sarwat Chadda -

Debra J Edwards -

For the rules of the award click the picture above.


Col Bury said...

You're more than welcome and it was well deserved, for your cracking interviews alone.

Donna Newnham said...


My scariest nightmare may sound silly to others, but it scares the hoolies out of me when I think of it. I am standing on the bank of a river with my family when an old man comes along drinving a horse drawn cart. Although he looks perfectly normal I feel uncomfortable about him as though he is hiding something. He offers us a lift across the water and though I am not happy I cna't find a reason to say no. He drives off but I know he is taking us to somewhere awful, and I know that his face, which is turned away from us is changing into something monsterous. I wake up before we actually get to the other side, but have had this nightmare several times. Each time everyone has gotten older and each time I wake up at the same point. I know that if he ever gets us to the other side of the river then something dreadful will happen and I only hope we never get there.

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