Wednesday, 16 September 2009

BOOK TRAILER - The Enemy by Charlie Higson

Book videos - love them or hate them, they are another tool in a writer's publicity arsenal.

I love the medium of film, I worked in it for many years, so perhaps I'm biased, but in a world filled with visual and written media a book has a lot of competition.
Instead of writing about book videos, it is after all a visual experience, I want to show ones that I think work well. As I come across book videos I like I'll post to the blog, so this will be an ongoing, intermittent series.

So my first choice is simple, but shockingly effective. Enjoy!

And a slight variation...


FrankA said...

Interesting... that’s the first book trailer I’ve ever watched and my initial impression was... it was long! Too long and somewhat dull. :(

Three and a half minutes?! I think they could have got to the point a lot faster and actually presented the book’s core idea in a far more exciting and visual way.

Of course, that would cost money, and I guess one of the core differences between a book trailer and a movie trailer is that the movie trailer is reusing the assets created for the final product. Whereas a book has no visual assets.

Tracy said...

Hi Frank
I've watched quite a few book trailers and some of them are, well, awful. I think this one works because it is quite simple and would have been fairly cheap to make. It is potentially very expensive to make a book trailer.

You work in a visual medium, I'd be interested to know about any book videos you do come across and like.
I'm tempted to put up another one now and see what you think.


Anonymous said...

Even with a good book,an author well-known in a number of fields, and a simple message effectively put across visually, this is FAR too long!

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