Monday, 1 February 2010

A reader's question answered - 'I can never understand why some titles have a different title in the UK and USA?'

I keep meaning to post about various things I'd like to share with my readers so after the recent flurry of New Year interviews I thought I'd concentrate on some other issues.

Way back when, in the dim and distant past of November 2009, I ran a competition to win a copy of Janice Hardy's The Pain Merchants / The Shifter.

One of the entrants, Maggie from Cheshire, asked -  'I can never understand why some titles and I note yours included have a different title in the UK and USA.  Why is this?  Thanks.'

I asked Janice why this was the case.
Janice replied - 'What it basically came down to was that book retailers didn't feel the word pain was going to sell the book in the US. The UK retailers didn't have that issue.
But I can do better. Here are links to my agent and my editor blogging about this very thing.'

Apologies for not responding to your question sooner Maggie but I hope this answers your question.

You can read more about Janice Hardy and her book in the tall tales & short stories interview - here

Janice Hardy was also a guest blogger and offered some wonderful writing and marketing advice.
Please follow the links:

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Gordy's Blog said...

Furnace became Lockdown in the States because, as my editor pointed out to me, over there everybody has a furnace in their basement and they aren't particularly scary! We just don't have household furnaces over here so I never even considered that people would think of them!

Mon Renaissance said...

Interesting. I had not even noticed that some books had different titles in the UK and US, although I can see why cultural differences would be conducive to that sort of practice.

Jon M said...

Curious and interesting...

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