Friday, 12 March 2010



How could any self-respecting Horror fan not want to pick up this book and read it.  I mean, look at IT.  Look at that cover...  Isn't it fantastically GROSS!
I love it, it makes my skin crawl and what better way to start off a fast-paced contemporary horror story set in London.  Or to be more specific, the Barbican.

A group of schoolkids from different schools arrive at the Barbican theatre to see a play.  Little do they know that somewhere deep below the Barbican, in a dark pit is a despicable creature with evil intent and greedy humans willing to help her.

The Barbican becomes a sealed concrete tomb and within that tomb the humans are trapped and into that tomb nasty, creepy, crawlie evil little suckers invade and then there is... chaos, death and destruction.  Let the mayhem begin.

Setting it in the sealed off environment of the Barbican theatre makes for a claustrophobic setting and when a play is supposedly in progress and the doors are locked who's going to notice.  No one's going to be missed at least for the duration of the play.  No one's going to raise an alarm.  Every mobile will be switched off.  Hundreds of people trapped and alone in the middle of busy, people-filled London.  Scary what can happen under your nose.

Time checks count down the minutes creating a real sense of pace and taut action.  As in all good horrors, there is a group of mis-matched teens only these teens trust each other about as far as they trust the freaky, invading crawlers.  Friends become enemies, enemies become friends, people show their true colours and sinister plans are being hatched by shadowy organisations.  And the use of the Barbican makes for a terrific setting which only adds to the atmosphere of being trapped and isolated in the middle of a busy city.

I get the feeling author Sam Enthoven enjoyed writing this book, the fast pace and tight writing makes it a real page turner and if you're looking for a truly contemporary horror story this is a must-read.

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