Monday, 8 March 2010


To round-up Horror fortnight I shall be recommending a couple of horror themed books.  My first recommendation is for a recently published book aimed at the 9+ reader.


As an aspiring children's writer I sometimes come across books and think - 'Damn! I wish I'd thought of that.'  And Mr Mumbles is certainly one of those books.

Kyle is twelve years old and his imaginary friend is back.  Only this time his imaginary friend isn't the pleasant, friendly character he was when Kyle was four.  Oh no, this Mr Mumbles is an angry, vengeful character who despises Kyle for forgetting all about him.  This Mr Mumbles has had his lips stitched to silence him, he's a rotting horror villain of nightmarish qualities and he will keep going at all costs to make Kyle pay for his betrayal.
Kyle tries to escape the evil clutches of his imaginary friend who has come back to life.  But how do you stop someone who's been created in your imagination, to who the rules of our everyday world don't apply?

Kyle meets an intriguing girl called Ameena, and what follows is a fast-paced chase through Kyle's village as they try to evade capture.  When Kyle finds himself in a strange and frightening place called The Darkest Corners (How fantastic is that as a name and all the possibilities it conjures up!) he meets even more frightening, forgotten creatures.

Kyle is surrounded by characters who all seem to have their own secrets and air of mystery; his mum, Nan and Ameena all seem to know more than they are saying.  Small hints and clues are drip fed to the reader which leads to a terrific twist at the end. 

This is a perfectly packaged horror for kids.  Scary but not bloody and gory.  A psychological horror where imagination, used for both good and evil, plays an important part.  Twists and surprises, frightening characters, chase scenes, fight scenes, a dash or two of humour and wit, makes for a page-turning ride of thrills, spills and spine-tingling scares.

And to top it all off, a sneak preview of book two with a character called Raggy Maggie who makes Mr Mumbles seem almost cuddly!

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Barry Hutchison said...

What a fantastic summary of the book - much better than the one I use when describing it to people!

Thanks for the write-up, Tracy.

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