Saturday, 5 June 2010

Guest blogger: Melinda Szymanik - a big thank you and a round-up of the week

A huge thank you to guest blogger,
Melinda Szymanik,
for her posts all this week on
tall tales & short stories.

Melinda is an award winning children's author from New Zealand.

The Were-Nana (Scholastic NZ, 2008)

Winner Children’s Choice Award - NZ Post Children’s Book Awards 2009.
Nominated for the Sakura Medal 2010.

Stella Rosa’s older brother loves to frighten his little sister with scary stories. When their grandmother comes to visit from her home country, this is a wonderful opportunity for Simon to tell Stella Rosa that Nana is a monster in disguise. Is she really a Were-Nana?

The Were-Nana addresses family relationships and childhood fears of the unknown.

Clever Moo (Scholastic NZ, 2006).

Margaret cannot stop sneezing. She’s allergic to grass. How will a cow with hay-fever manage?

Jack the Viking (Scholastic NZ, 2008).

As if bombing out at the interschool swimming champs wasn’t bad enough, now Jack’s become the target of the school bully. How he wishes he was an all-conquering, fearless Viking warrior, like the ones in his favourite book. But Jack discovers how dangerous wishing can be when he wakes to find himself in a strange and desperate world – Norway in the time of the Vikings, 900 years ago. Can he survive? How will he get home?

Melinda's publisher
Scholastic NZ
Publishing Manager – Diana Murray

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