Monday, 21 February 2011

Book Aid International and World Book Day

Book Aid International have asked me to help spread the word about all the good work they do and how we can all get involved in helping this great cause.

Book Aid International is one of World Book Day’s nominated charities and they have launched a joint fundraising activity called

At Book Aid International, they know that books change lives, yet in some countries it could take a whole month’s wages to buy a single book.

They are asking that you make a small donation to Book Aid International at your special World Book Day reading meeting in March 2011.

For every £2 that your group collects, Book Aid International can send another specially selected new book to a library in a school, public library, refugee camp, prison or rural community in sub-Saharan Africa and beyond.

By supporting Book Aid International you are helping to send around half a million books a year to some of the world’s poorest and disadvantaged communities. They ensure that the books they send match the local need and that they are distributed to the libraries and communities that need them the most.

How to

1.   Enlist your reading group or find a few friends interested in participating in a special Meet, Talk, Give meeting.

2.   Set a date and venue – the sofa, the kitchen table, a quiet pub – anywhere! Or ask your local library or bookshop to help you organise the event.

3.   Choose a book you think everyone might enjoy – use the recommended reading list supplied if you like.  Tell everyone about the choice, and allow enough time to buy or borrow and read it.

4.   If holding the event at home, suggest things your friends might bring along – eg. drinks, snacks.

5.   If you like, use all or some of the supplied book-related quiz as an additional activity for the meeting.

6.   Tell your group in advance about the fundraising element – £2 sends a book to Africa – and collect their contribution during the meeting.

7.   Use the paying-in slip supplied to send off your group’s donation by cheque, or deposit at a bank (details supplied). Any small amount will be very gratefully received.

Other ways everyone can get involved:



Tasha said...

Thanks so much for the post! We are all so excited about World Book Day and the impact it can have for Book Aid International. Hope your readers feel inspired!

geeta singh said...

thanks ..really nice post ..:)

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