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The Tribers - Bee, Jonno, Keener, Fifty and Copper Pie - have fun getting in and out of adventures.
 Fifty causes all sorts of mayhem when he accidentally kidnaps his sister. Keener is too busy working out how to mountainboard to remember he's dog-sitting Bee's Labradoodle.
Bee does a good job of forgetting her birthday, then remembering it, and then wishing she hadn't.
And all the Tribers have a difficult dilemma when their arch-enemy, Callum, gets falsely accused. Should they help or not? It's non-stop for Tribe.

Labradoodle on the Loose ~ a tall tales & short stories review

Labradoodle on the Loose is the third book in the Tribe series and what a fun read it is - perfect for younger readers! Each character has a distinctive personality and eleven-year-old, Keener, is an engaging boy narrator for the Triber's adventures - he's funny, slightly insecure and he certainly endeared himself to this reader.

There's something old-fashioned yet at the same time thoroughly modern about the gang and their adventures that really endeared me to their escapades. I think children will want to be in a fun gang like the Tribers (I know I would have done - still do!) and I'm sure they'll have their favourite characters too.

One thing I particularly liked was that the page count for the book is 188 pages but there are three separate adventures, which especially for a younger reader reading by themselves, would make this an easy book to read and enjoy. 

The Tribe series should appeal to both boys and girls and as the winner of the Hull Children's Book Award 2010, the books already have the seal approval from their intended readers and when awards are given out I always think ones voted for by the actual readers are even more special.


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