Friday, 8 April 2011


My name is Rebecca Rafferty, and my mother has ruined my life. Again.
I didn't mind her writing boring books for grown-ups. But now she's written one about an awful girl my age and everyone thinks its me!
Including the boy who delivers our newspapers, aka Paperboy, aka the most gorgeous boy in the whole world. Oh, the shame!
And if that wasn't awful enough, the biggest pain in my class wants to use my 'fame' to get herself on the reality show 'My Big Birthday Bash'.
I've just got to show everyone the REAL Rebecca. But How? 
Rebecca and her friends form a band, and write a song that starts 'my mother wrote a book...'! Will their first gig, in the Battle of the Bands, go well? And more importantly, what will Paperboy think?

The Real Rebecca ~ a tall tales & short stories review

First of all - Hurrah! - the cover isn't pink! This is my second review today for books for girls, my first was for Lousie Rennison's Withering Tights and this book, The Real Rebecca, certainly sits in the same camp. A funny first-person narrative with witty one-liners and the usual problems facing an awkward teenage girl - boys, hair, boys (did I say that already?) and really annoying families.

The trouble is Rebecca has a couple of specific problems - she goes to an all-girls school so how does she get to meet boys? And her mother has written a book about two teenage girls and has told the world that Rebecca and her sister have been her inspiration. If parents weren't embarrassing enough this has got to top the league of 'how my parents embarrassed me' - it even makes Dad's bad dancing look normal.

The humorous storyline moves along at a cracking pace and we cringe along with Rebecca at the humiliation of everyone thinking she is the character in her mum's book.  The characters come to life and the situations plausible yet mixed-up with plenty of craziness. And for anyone who's seen My Super Sweet 16, a certain party girl and her ideas for her party seem scarily likely!  Rebecca's a spirited, yet slightly awkward teenager and it's fun spending time in her company. So just like the Battle of the Bands - be prepared to be entertained!


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