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Hey, I'm Kitty Slade.  Just your average, normal girl, doing, you know, normal stuff.  
Got a brother (annoying), a sister (quite annoying) and a grandma (she's awesome).  
Oh yeah, and one more thing. 
I can see dead people.

When a ghost turns up in her biology classroom, only one thing's for sure - 
Kitty Slade's life is about to get freaky...

Divine Freaks ~ a tall tales & short stories review

If you like your ghost stories with plenty of humour, a feisty heroine with a mystery to solve, and a dash of darkness, this is the book for you.  People seeing ghosts is a familiar premise but Fiona Dunbar has brought an original plot line to this particular story that really made it stand out for this reader.  As anyone who reads my reviews knows, I hate spoilers, it takes all the fun out of a book - so I won't give too much away, but let's just say the bad guys have an interesting line in dodgy business dealings and I really couldn't work out what was going on which makes the mystery solving so much fun for the reader too.

I loved the mix of an old-fashioned mystery to be solved but one with a very modern feel and this is reflected in the eclectic mix of characters both living and dead.  Much like the setting of London's Portobello Road, the characters that inhabit this book are full of life and colour, and yes, that includes some of the dead ones such as the two tea drinking 'old biddies'. 

The humorous yet, surprisingly dark in places, storyline moves along at a cracking pace.  All the characters come to life and the situations seem plausible even though there's plenty of craziness and spooky goings on added to the mix.  And in my time, I've come across plenty of evil landlords so I could empathise completely with their domestic situation.

Kitty and her family are an eccentric, fun and loving family and I enjoyed spending time in their company.  Maro is the type of Grandma I think everyone would love to have, and when she turns round at the end of the book and announces what the family are going to be doing next, I thought yes, I always wanted to do that too!  And of course, this ending also means the reader knows there are going to be many more adventures to come. But you'll have to read the book to find out what that ending is.

Look out for Fire & Roses published by Orchard Books on 1st September 2011

Thanks to Orchard Books for sending the copy of Divine Freaks! 

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Candy Gourlay said...

Wow! Great review! Well done, Tracy - well done, Fiona!

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