Sunday, 17 July 2011


I've been asked if tall tales & short stories would help spread the word about inkpop's re-launch!

Inkpop is a writing community created by HarperCollins Publishers. 

Writers are invited to post their books, short stories, book ideas, query letters and poetry. By placing your work on pick lists, the inkpop community identify their favorite work and offer constructive feedback. At the end of the month editors from HarperCollins reviews the Top Five projects in each category.

For readers, inkpop offers the first opportunity to have a one on one conversation with a real publisher. They know you have ideas for books, thoughts on where you would like to see your favorite series go and more, well they want to hear from you. Through inkpop your ideas will start to be reflected in the books published by HarperCollins. They want to make publishing a collaborative process and inkpop is where they want to start.

Finally, inkpop will be dedicated to exposing the publishing industry from the inside out with unique features that will provide never before seen access to the editing process, cover selection and more.

My Perspective

In the past I've participated in writers' peer review websites similar to inkpop, but I found that as a children's/YA author that my work was often reviewed by writers who didn't know the market, so therefore weren't able to offer helpful or constructive criticism.  The difference with inkpop is that it's a site dedicated to YA fiction so I should imagine the writers and readers know the genre inside out and would be perfectly placed to offer insightful advice.  And as anyone who reads and writes YA knows, YA readers are a passionate bunch!

Although there are no guarantees your work will find itself in the Top 5, maybe it would be a good way of finding out if that idea you have works or brings something fresh to the table?  Perhaps you are considering self-publishing and want to attract an audience?  Maybe you just want to see if your writing stands out from the crowd?

For writers outside of the US, I've checked that the site is open to anyone, and it is, and the only age limit is that you must be 13 years old or older.     

Check out the site 


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