Wednesday, 13 July 2011


'I remember when we lay together for the first time and I closed my eyes and felt the crackle of her dark hair between my fingers. She was all warmth and sparking light. 
When I was with her, my skin sighed that the centre of the world was precisely here.' 

Anna is afraid she must be unlovable - until she meets Flynn. Together, the girls swim, eat banana cake, laugh and love. Some days Flynn is unreachable; other days she's at Anna's door - but when Anna discovers Flynn's secret, she wonders if she knows her at all.

About A Girl ~ a tall tales & short stories review

First love can be such a wonderful, painful, confusing experience.
Growing up and finding out who you are and what you want to be, what you want to do with your life, can be such a wonderful, painful, confusing experience.
And About A Girl embodies all these moments in life beautifully and deceptively honestly.

At first glance, About A Girl, seems like a coming-of-age novel, and perhaps a coming-out novel, but it is also so much more.  Central to what feels like a small, quiet, intimate story, is the blossoming love affair between two older teenage girls, Anna and Flynn, but it's written with such a gentle, tender touch it also manages to subtly and deftly explore complex issues of depression, resentment, family break-ups, loss and disability.  Joanne Horniman's prose is really rather beautiful and lyrical, and she manages to conjure up such poetic imagery with the depth and quality of her writing that the novel sings with poignancy, warmth and insight.

About A Girl is an evocatively, lyrically crafted book that embraces the obsessions, complexity and intensity of first love, no matter who we may fall for and how long it may last.

Many thanks to Frances Lincoln for sending a copy of About A Girl.


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