Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Bees and children and help needed.

A good friend of mine is involved with this project and I want to do my bit to help.  
So I'm asking for your help too.  
They need votes!

A £10k prize goes to the winner which means building materials, education programmes,
a future. 
No one on this project gets paid, it's all voluntary, but they need resources!


Last year the site of the old keeper's lodge in Kennington Park, London, was developed for community beekeeping and environmental projects. They've now cleared the site, built new beds, planted edibles including vegetables and fruit trees, and have 8 beehives and an observation hive on site. They hold open days for the local community to look inside the hives and learn about beekeeping as well local food projects. Local school children tend an area of the garden and learn about the bees.

They've been part of the Growing Southwark Reuse Scheme and the location for the redistibution of plants from Chelsea and Hampton Court to local community projects. Their most ambitious project so far is the design and build of an eco-classroom. With no paid staff, only volunteers, they have got the frame up and roof built and are half way through laying the green roof. This classroom will be used for learning about beekeeping and honey and other environmental activities. As well as a green roof the building has two large tanks for rainwater harvest and an aquatic ecosystem.

They also provide outreach taking observation hives and bee education out to local schools and community events where people of all ages can learn about the importance of bees to the future of food and pollination!


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