Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Book Review: How The Olympics Came To Be by Helen East & Mehrdokht Amini

2012 is the year of the London Olympics so, in anticipation, I have reviewed three books all with an Olympic theme but all of them very different. 
And what better way to end than with a book that tells us how the Olympic games began.


“It was the first day of the Olympic Games. Everyone who was anyone had come. 
Some had travelled for weeks, from all corners of ancient Greece…”

If you want to know about the ancient Olympic games, ask someone who was there! 
Who better to ask than Tethys, the grandmother of all the Greek gods.

The Greek gods gather on Mount Olympus to watch the games taking place on Earth below. Like any typical family, they revive old rivalries, pick out their favourite competitors, and vie for the best view. Called upon to answer their questions and resolve their squabbles, Grandmother Tethys soothes and distracts them with stories about How the Olympic Games Came To Be.


How the Olympics Came To Be ~ a tall tales & short stories review

This book is a thing of beauty! I absolutely adore the illustrations by Mehrdokht Amini, so before I say any more about the book, I have to share some of them with you.

Aren't they wonderful! If they don't make you want to go out and buy the book I don't know what will!
Huge thanks to the British Museum who very kindly sent them to me when I said I just had to put them in this review post.

And complementing the fabulous illustrations are some wonderful stories told by Tethys, the grandmother of all the Gods. She spins her tales of chariot races, battles, running races, javelin throwing and wrestling lions, and the reader is transported into the world of the Greek Gods, with exciting stories of how the Olympics first began.

I think readers of all ages will find something to love about this book and it's historical accuracy means we learn something along the way too. So with the 2012 Olympics nearly upon us, How The Olympics Came To Be, is the perfect way to learn more about the gods and mortals that inspired the first Olympic Games. It's a book to treasure long after the 2012 Olympics have been and gone - I know I shall treasure mine.



Sue said...

The illustrations are stunning - they hit just the right note.

Michael Earp said...

I love the illustrations! I'll definitely have to look out for this one! Love this sort of mythology etc. :)


Tracy said...

I'm so glad you both like them as much as I do! :)

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