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DAVE HOFMEYR AND ZOE CROOKES: A Writing Partnership and One of the Twelve Voices Chosen for SCBWI-BI's Undiscovered Voices Anthology 2012

Our Writing Journey – Dave Hofmeyr & Zoë Crookes

Dave: When I met Zoë one day at Stansted Airport I could tell she was immediately drawn to me. I knew by the way she was following me.

Zoë: And there you have Dave in a nutshell – such a lively imagination! I was in the passport queue behind him. I had to say hello because he was with someone I knew.

Dave: And there you have Zoë in a nutshell – such enterprising creativity!

Zoë: Anyway, we got chatting and soon discovered we both wanted to write. The result was many Sunday afternoons in The Abingdon off High Street Kensington, telling each other wild stories and a children's book, KALAHARI, was born.

Dave: It’s been an interesting journey writing in tandem. Zoë drinks camomile tea, I love coffee. She’s a day person, I stay up all night ...

Zoë: ... He has sartorial flair, I wear corduroy.

Dave: They will come back into fashion. You’ll see. Anyway ... somehow we managed to agree on the plot and development of KALAHARI. Of course we didn’t always agree – we even had a few scraps along the way.

Zoë: But nothing three policemen and a couple of paramedics couldn’t sort out.

Dave: The truth is, writing is an insular occupation, requiring hours of self-enforced solitude. Nothing but your swirling thoughts and the blank page. Having someone to bounce ideas off and to jointly imagine distant worlds is a piece of terrific luck.

Zoë: Much like winning a spot on the UV 2012 list!

Dave: Hopefully the more we practice, the luckier we’ll get.

*  Why KALAHARI Matters

KALAHARI is Wolf Brother meets Pan’s Labyrinth. It’s an epic African adventure in a world where normal is turned upside down and nothing is what it seems.

Maisha Bryce is a 13-year-old girl brought up alone by her maverick veterinarian father on a remote farm ravaged by drought. Her only friend is an orphaned elephant bull, named Djembe.

One night, the farm is attacked by sinister figures and Maisha is forced to flee. She must go where she has never been before. She must travel across the vast Kalahari to find her grandmother – a woman she has never met.

Maisha’s odyssey across the desert with Djembe will bring her face-to-face with a host of wild animals, a violent sandstorm and marauding warriors. And there is always the threat of her cloaked pursuer – the man in the vulture-feather headdress.

Who is he? What does he want? And who are the shadow walkers that follow him?

To survive, Maisha will need answers – and the help of a San boy, named Xau, who teaches her how to live in harmony with the desert. But only when Maisha discovers the secret of who she really is, will she become truly powerful.

What makes this story matter?  It’s an action-packed adventure run through with African mythology and witchcraft and kids will relate to themes of courage, friendship, and coming to terms with who you are in the world.



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Candy Gourlay said...

Fantastic! You guys are so funny ... I don't know how you manage to write together. congratulations!

Juliet Clare Bell said...

Great to hear a little of how you write together. I'd love to hear more. And I was expecting a comedy from your banter. Is that next? Good luck, Clare.

Jackie Marchant said...

I loved this story, I want to read it all! And how you work together is fascinating, not sure if I could do it! Good luck with it!

Jane Hardstaff said...

Dave and Zoe, your story gripped me from the start. Maisha will find a good home, I'm sure of it!

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