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NICOLA PATTEN: One of the Six Illustrators Chosen for SCBWI-BI's Undiscovered Voices Anthology 2012

* Congratulations, Nicola, on achieving a coveted place in Undiscovered Voices 2012! and welcome to tall tales & short stories.
The floor is yours, please tell us all about yourself, your journey as an artist/illustrator and anything else you'd like to add.

Thank you very much!
My name is Nicola Patten and Iʼm an Illustration graduate of the University College Falmouth.

I live back in my hometown of Reading now so Iʼve got a bit of a strange mix of the suburbs and countryside in my life, which has led to some strangely clashing influences from Aubrey Beardsley to Caspar David Friedrich – but clashes can be good and if you look hard enough you can find some nice little links between even those two! Iʼm a big fan of old things and most of my work will have some kind of reference to the past in style or subject matter – usually some kind of hat or moustache creeps in too; I think Iʼd really like to be a Victorian Gentleman when I grow up.

After I left University I spent a year getting my portfolio together and getting some experience working on commissions; Iʼm quite interested in greetings cards too and have done internships at Hallmark and Tigerprint – itʼs incredible how quickly you can learn things when youʼre plunged into a world like that! Iʼm at a point now where Iʼm quite happy with where my work is going and thereʼs barely anything left in my portfolio from my University days, which I think is a good thing!

* Could you tell our readers all about the story behind your chosen entry, and most importantly why they are going to love your work!

Viking Makes a Discovery

I like to put a bit of people I know in my characters so I can feel a connection with them, and the Viking is based on a friend of mine, which Iʼm not sure is terribly flattering but he seems to like him! Heʼs very beardy but very lovely and this is how I know he would react if he found a butterfly living in his beard. Heʼd probably be more likely to buy it tiny trainers afterwards though and keep it as a pet – maybe thatʼs a sequel. Iʼd like to see a butterfly in trainers.

Iʼm really inspired by people and quite obsessive about things – I once saw a man on a train with a big nose and Iʼm only now beginning to get over drawing all my characters with big noses. Iʼm quite taken with awkwardness as well and a lot of my characters tend to be a little gangly or uncomfortable. Basically most people I know end up as a character at some point – there is no escape!



...WIN a copy of Undiscovered Voices, by Working Partners & SCWBI-BI.
Your chance to read all the selected excerpts, see the fabulous illustrations
and read what the judges had to say!


It’s easy to enter -- Here's what to do!

•  Leave a comment on the blog; say hi, leave your name and tell us if you'd like to be entered for the draw. 

If you want to leave your email address that's great, if not, we'll be announcing the winners after midday on the 1st March, UK time. So make sure to check in here and on twitter.

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Sorry, but this competition is open to UK entrants only.

Competition Deadline: 
Midnight 29th February 2012, UK time.



George said...

As a beard obsessed writer, I LOVE your viking :-)

And yes I'd like to go in the UV draw.

Loretta Schauer said...

Well done Nicola. Good to meet you at the launch party last week! x

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