Tuesday, 12 June 2012

LET'S CELEBRATE! - with agent Molly Ker Hawn from The Bent Agency!

Something for all aspiring
YA authors out there!
& a slight amendment, 
Molly is happy to look at Middle-grade too.

The wonderful Molly Ker Hawn of The Bent Agency has very kindly offered to crit the first two pages of your manuscript.

You can read a tall tales & short stories interview with Molly here

We're often told how important the first page is; 
  • Are you hooking the reader from the first line? 
  • Does the first page deliver enough to make the agent or publisher want to read on? 
  • Does your prose engage and grab the reader from the outset? 
  • Does it work?
  • Is your opening cliched?

So many things to think about on just the first page! But if you know that page works chances are the agent or publisher will want to read the rest.

It's easy to enter!
Here's what to do!

Here are the age groups Molly would like to see:



  • Molly will read and give feedback on the first two pages of your ms. (Who knows where it might lead!)
  •  It can be any genre but it must be in the age groups stated.
  • All you need to do is leave a comment on the blog: Leave your name, the title of your ms and the intended age group - YA or MG. If you want to leave a contact email that's great, if not, watch this space for the winner to be announced on the 26th June.
  • One writer will be chosen at random and Molly will read and give feedback on their first two pages.

Midnight, 25th June, 2012, UK time.


      Lou Treleaven said...

      Thank you for another great opportunity, Tracy! My manuscript is The Ghost in My House by Lou Treleaven and my email is lou.treleaven@sky.com.

      Caleb Woodbridge said...

      My story is "This Darkened World" by Caleb Woodbridge. Thanks!

      Megan said...

      This is awesome! Mine is A Life of Maybe and my email is megan.orsini@gmail.com. Thanks!

      Tif said...

      Thank you so much for this opportunity! The name of my book is GIRL PLAYER by Tif Johnson.

      Kate Brauning said...

      Kate Brauning THE OTHER SIDE OF SILENCE katebrauning(at)gmail(dot)com

      shirleyelmokadem said...

      Thanks for this.
      My book is 'The Snake Princess' for MG and my email is shirmemo@aol.com

      Helen Laycock said...

      How exciting!

      'The Secret of Pooks Wood' is by Helen Laycock.

      I can be contacted at helen@chezlaycock.fsnet.co.uk

      Jeannette Towey said...

      Another lovely giveaway! Thanks Molly and Tracy. Mine's 'Castor, Go Home' by Jeannette Towey

      Boo Irwin said...

      My y.a. novel is called Tattooing Angels by Stephany Irwin. Email: stephanyirwin147@gmail.com

      Mara Rae said...

      Thank you for the opportunity! My YA novel is Forever Friday by Mara Rutherford.

      Rita Antoinette Borg said...

      Thank you again for this second try at an agent crit. My MG ms is called WHAT@S WRONG WITH MOLLY ZWIRLI? by Rita Antoinette Borg jmj

      email rita@ritaborg.us

      Stephanie McGregor said...

      My YA novel is "The Forest Grim" by Stephanie McGregor at: write@stephaniemcgregor.com
      Thanks Molly and Tracy!

      Katrina Charman said...

      Thanks for this opportunity!
      My YA novel is called "Sunshine" by Katrina Charman
      email - teamcharman@hotmail.com

      Miriam said...

      Great opportunity - thank you.

      My book is called Emily's Ingenious Idea. It's Middle Grade.

      Miriam Craig

      Vanessa Harbour said...

      OK let's do it properly this time...A brilliant idea yet again, thank you Tracy and Molly
      Mine is a YA entitled TRAFFICKING by Vanessa Harbour

      Rosanne said...

      Thanks for holding this competition! My Young Adult MS is called ARACHNE'S REVENGE.
      My email: rosannemoulding@hotmail.co.uk

      Linda said...

      Thanks so much for organising this, Tracy!
      My ms is for middle grade, and it's 'Sprite School', by Linda Lawlor.

      Ian Harvey Brown said...

      Thanks. Mine is The Cheats. YA
      Ian Harvey-Brown


      Anonymous said...

      Mine is called The Touch of Rayne - a YA piece. I'm Katy King and my address is katyking26@hotmail.co.uk.

      Anonymous said...

      Sounds great! Mine's for YAs, and is entitled Violet and the Blackshirts. And I'm Emma George.

      Rebecca Brown said...

      Excellent competition! Mine is YA and is called Skive.


      Cheree Smith said...

      Thanks for the opportunity. Mine's a YA and is titled The Making of Amber Wright.

      Cheree Smith

      Melissa Sarno said...

      Such a fun opportunity! My book is YA. Rabbit Island by Melissa Sarno. thistooblog (at) gmail (dot) com

      Krystalyn Drown said...

      Name: Krystalyn Drown

      Title: Tracy Tam: Santa Command (MG)

      belle5678 at yahoo dot com

      It's A Hardcover Life said...
      This comment has been removed by the author.
      Julie Wise said...

      Thanks for the opportunity!
      My novel is YA, COLLAPSE by J.K. Wise


      MoHoM said...

      Appreciate the opportunity. MG novel, IZZIE THE INCREDIBLE. thanks! mhm@prettybug.net

      jamieridenhour said...

      Hi there! thanks for this opportunity! My YA ms. is Charley Cross and the London Dead, by Jamieson Ridenhour. jamieridenhour@btinet.net

      Dale S. Rogers said...

      Thanks for doing this, Tracy. You're so generous! My book is The Legend of Feather Lake, MG.
      Dale S. Rogers

      Chase said...


      YA novel, SPECTACLE by Chase Baldwin.


      Kate Larkindale said...

      What a great contest!

      My book is THE BOYFRIEND PLAGUE and it's YA.

      katelarkindale (at) gmail (dot) com

      A Pickwickian Life said...

      Way cool and generous! My book is The Forgotten Pages by Catherine Shen for Young Adult. My email is catherine.shen9@gmail.com


      Debra Collett said...

      Heck yeah!

      My MG is a clever time travel tale called HISTORY QUESTERS. My email is historyquesters@yahoo.com

      Debra Collett

      Colene Murphy said...

      Wow, what a fantastic chance! Thank you!! YA - CALLING DEATH.


      Ruthie Mann said...

      I'm so excited about this comp my eyes have started lighting up like catherine wheels on bonfire night- yes, you guessed it, that is my favourite day of the year. My ms is titled, 'Running Scared' it's aimed at YA. My name is Ruthie Mann and my e-mail is y2kruthybaby@hotmail.com

      A W Exley said...

      What an awesome opportunity! :)

      YA Steampunk - OBSIDIAN EYES

      Anita Exley, contact: flighty.pony@gmail.com

      Ruth Griffiths said...

      Hi! Wicked comp...my name is Ruth Griffiths and my ms is called 'The Collar Bomb' it's aimed at YA.


      Hong Tran said...

      Cheers for the opportunity!

      My name is Hong Tran and:

      MG Fantasy - The Bridge Maker

      David Thorpe said...

      Thanks a lot! I have two YA MS: Stormteller and We Can Improve On You, by David Thorpe.

      Abby Minard said...

      Thank you for the opportunity! My name is Abby Minard, title: ICESONG, YA Fantasy. email: abbyminard@gmail.com

      Justin Olson said...

      This is awesome! And worth a shot.

      Title: The Notes Between
      Genre: YA - realistic contemporary
      Name: Justin Olson
      Email: justindolson@gmail.com
      Twitter: Olsonwrites

      Andrea Mack said...

      Thanks for the contest!

      Title: The Grand Chef's Apprentice


      Email: mack.andreaL@gmail.com

      Eric Steinberg said...

      Eric Steinberg, BETTER LIVES, YA

      mary-j-59 said...

      Thank you - this is so generous! Can people from the U.S. apply? If they can, I have a YA SF story called HONOR, and am also working on a middle-grade fantasy.

      mekj at earthlink dot net.

      Sally said...

      Wow Molly Thanks! This will be FAB for whom ever is lucky enough to be picked. Anyway my book is a YA Fantasy with a Fairy Tale Theme called, 'Through Mortal Eyes.' My e-mail is spoyton@art-sally.net

      I've got my fingers crossed, which should make typing interesting!

      Toothlight said...

      Thanks from all struggling authors trying to obtain THE key to the publishing door.
      My book is intended for MG (9-12), and is titled: 'Nightmare at Mordach.'
      From: Brian Lux

      haartandsoul said...

      Thank you very much for this opportunity. My novel is for YA and its called " L'hOTEL" Thanks again My email is sk@bedford-park.co.uk

      Gavin Gray said...


      YA - BLACKOUT - Gavin Gray - gavinsgray@hotmail.com



      Amber said...

      What a neat opportunity!

      Genre: Ya narrative memoir
      Title: Perfectly Broken


      ella said...

      Thanks for the opportunity!

      Name - Ella Goodwin
      Title - Needlefeet and The Land of Doo
      Intended Age group - MG

      Email - ellajanegoodwin@gmail.com

      Tal said...

      Thank you so much for the opportunity!

      My name is Tal Rejwan and my novel is for YA and its called "The Black Parade"

      Thanks again.

      My email is- kyo.chan31(AT)gmail.com

      Anonymous said...

      Thanks - another great opportunity! My book is MG and is called 'Narrow Escape'. My e-mail is julie-fulton@hotmail.co.uk

      WildWill said...

      Thanks for this opportunity. My novel is for YA and its called:

      The Time Walker's Journals: Summer Snow

      46f3f058-b647-11e1-9f5c-000bcdcb8a73 said...

      Thanks. My book is "The Moon Boy" YA - hackenabush@hotmail.com

      khaulamazhar said...

      Thanks for trying to give us all a chance. My name is Khaula Mazhar the title of the MS is Miscegenation and it is a YA. (khaulamazhar@yahoo.com)

      Ashley Maker said...

      Thank you for the great contest and opportunity!

      Name: Ashley Maker
      Title of MS: UNDER THE TREES
      Age group: YA
      Email: ashleydmaker(at)yahoo(dot)com

      Chanel Cleeton said...

      Thanks for the opportunity! YA ms MEMORY by Chanel Cleeton. Chanel.cleeton@gmail.com

      Scott Springer said...

      WORMHOLE for MG by Scott Springer

      scott(d ot)springer(a t)rocketmail(d ot)com

      Jamie Krakover said...

      This is a great opportunity, thanks for offering it.

      The Adviera Adventures: Abducted a MG by Jamie Krakover

      email jamiekrakover at hotmail dot com

      Karim mohammed said...

      Why not join in ?

      The title is called the chronicles of Jake Rubia volume 1( but it might be changed.It's for 13+. And my email is crash1968@live.com

      Jennifer said...

      We're joining in from across the pond. Hope you don't mind.

      Our middle grade novel is Through the Wormhole by Mairead Ahmad and Jennifer Van Haaften.

      We can be reached at mjwisconsin@gmail.com

      VikLit said...

      Would love to join in, thanks for offering this Molly from anOTHER SW Londoner!

      My details:

      Networked by Vikki Biram

      email my name at the gmail, but I will check in.

      John Hansen said...

      Thanks for this!

      'Inevitable' is the title. It's YA.


      Nicki Thornton said...

      Great competition and really enjoyed reading the interview with Molly. I would like you to consider 'Curious Blood' a middle grade novel. Thank you!

      Kaylee Baldwin said...

      Mine is a YA called WHO YOU USED TO BE.

      kayleebaldwin at gmail

      publishingjourney said...

      Fingers crossed!

      My name is Alicia and my YA novel is Dawn of the Phoenix.

      Email- storyteller935@gmail.com

      John Lucas Hargis said...

      YA Sci-Fi

      John Lucas Hargis

      Anonymous said...

      MG Sci Fi Adventure
      Shannon Heather and Jerrett James


      Anonymous said...

      Oops Sorry! The email address should be

      butterflyvader@gmail.com - with a v


      agman said...

      what a great idea, I wish the winner good luck

      Mark Jones said...

      Great prize!

      'Hall of the Slain'

      Alex Urwin said...

      Aimed at YA


      Sledging, Stumps and Suspicious Sandwiches

      Petitspoissons said...

      Hello, what a great comp!! My book is MG and it's called 'Richard Stinkins' by Vicky Smith

      Kate Brauning said...

      Kate Brauning



      Feaky Snucker said...
      This comment has been removed by the author.
      Snowmen Write said...

      Crystal and Erin
      YA- Broken Eros

      C. Issy said...

      Thank you for this contest :)


      The Desired, YA

      c(dot)isabel (dot) bandeira (AT) gmail.com

      Alleged Author said...

      YA: The Color of Happiness


      Jennifer Moore said...

      Just discovered 'tall tales & short stories' this morning - what a fantastic site. My YA novel is 'Slettbyrd' by Jennifer Moore.
      Thank you.

      Jan Deykin said...

      Pick me! MG manuscript: 'My Tiny World Explodes' by Jan Deykin. Email is jandeykin@mac.com. Thanks so much for the chance.

      chriskellywriter said...

      Thanks so much for casting your eye on the great "pre-published."

      My YA manuscript is MusicMakers. Christine Kelly

      Thanks, again!

      chriskellywriter said...

      Thanks so much for casting your eye on the great "pre-published."

      My YA manuscript is MusicMakers. Christine Kelly

      Thanks, again!

      Emily Parkes said...

      Great contest, thank you!

      My YA manuscript is entitled 'Little Briar'. My name is Emily Parkes, email: emily202b@hotmail.com

      Thanks :)

      Heather Hawke said...

      Wowza - lots of fun sounding mss. Thanks a bunch for the chance.

      Heather Hawke

      hawke AT sonic DOT net

      Brenda Ortega said...

      Genre: upper MG, contemporary
      Name: Brenda Ortega
      email: b(dot)ortega(at)comcast(dot)net

      T. Drecker said...

      My name: Tonja Drecker
      Title: Music Boxes
      Genre: Middle Grade

      email tdrecker@gmail.com

      Jessica Leake said...

      Name: Jessica Leake
      Title: Sylvan Legacy
      Genre: YA historical fantasy

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