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LET'S CELEBRATE! - with author Paula Harrison and a 2 book giveaway!

Blog Celebrations - Week 3

The Jubilee celebrations are well under way so what better way to join in than with a
2 book giveaway!

The Rescue Princesses 
by Paula Harrison!

The Rescue Princesses are no ordinary Princesses.
If there’s an animal in danger they’ll be there, ready to stage a daring rescue! With their ninja skills and magic jewels, they’re Princesses on a mission and nothing, except the occasional dress-fitting or curtseying lesson, will get in their way…
Hang on to your tiaras and get ready for some right royal adventures!


Writing for Young Readers by Paula Harrison

Paula Harrison

As my own children began to leave picture books behind, I found myself more and more drawn to writing for young readers. There’s no room to pause in these stories, you’ve got to grab the reader straightaway! I also love the sense of fun and adventure in the best young reader stories.

The Rescue Princesses series is broadly for ages six to nine. These years are a real time of transition when many children try reading alone for the first time as well as being read to by adults.  Reading that first book all by themselves is a great achievement and a great thrill. We want them to become fascinated by books before they launch into longer middle-grade stories.

So what ingredients do you need for a good young reader book?
Well, actually you need all the same ingredients as you use in a story for a different age group:
  • well-drawn characters, 
  • compelling plot, 
  • tension, 
  • humour. 
But for a young reader you need to pay particular attention to their world view. The world with all its complexity is just beginning to open up to these children. They need adventure and danger, but within a framework that allows them to make sense of everything.

So does writing a series with a concept (like um, princesses who have adventures and rescue animals) mean that you should write a set of cookie-cutter books that are all the same?

The best young series bring something new to each book.  The concept gives you a framework, yes, but within that each story addresses a new experience or explores a new character.  Stories are how we make sense of our world and stories rich in ideas, settings and engaging characters are exactly what young readers need.

The first two books in The Rescue Princesses series, The Secret Promise and The Wishing Pearl, are out now. The third book, The Moonlit Mystery, will be out in August and the fourth, The Stolen Crystals, in October. Four more adventures will be out in 2013.

It’s time for a double giveaway!

One winner can be in with a chance of winning copies of the first two books in the Rescue Princesses series: The Secret Promise and The Wishing Pearl, published by Nosy Crow.


It's easy to enter!

Here's what to do!

  • Leave a comment on the blog, say hi and give me your name. If you want to leave your email address that's great, if not, I'll be announcing the winner after midday on the 18th June, UK time. So make sure to check in here and on twitter.

  • Retweet the competition details on twitter.
          You'll find me at @TABwrite
          and Karen @KLLaing

  • All entries go into a hat and ONE winner will be chosen at random.  The winner will receive a copy of The Secret Promise and The Wishing Pearl.
  • Sorry, but this competition is UK only.

Competition Deadline
Midnight, 18th June 2012, UK time.

You can read an interview with Nosy Crow founder Kate Wilson, here on tall tales & short stories


Jackie Marchant said...

Waterstones had run out when I tried to buy one, so yes please put me in the draw!

Ann Wright said...

Can't wait to hear the adventures of the Rescue Princesses. Please put me in the draw. Thanks.

Jean Healey said...

I would love to win copies for my daughter. Please put me in the draw. Thanks

Miss. Lucinda Fountain said...

Thank you for a fantastic giveaway that looks amazing, and one that i would love to be entered for. Thank you so much! x

Email: lfountain1(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk

starryabigail said...

Amazing giveaway-enter me-thanks!!!

Email: baawisdombooks@hotmail.co.uk

Kathleen Hooper said...

Please enter me
Kathleen hooper

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