Friday, 29 June 2012

Winner of Explore Learning's 2012 National Young Writers’ Award Announced

Back in April I helped spread the word about Explore Learning's National Young Writers' Award 2012.

I've been sent details of the winner, so huge 
CONGRATULATIONS to seven year old Jamie Reger
the winner of this year’s National Young Writers’ Award.

Now in its fourth year, the annual competition run by tuition provider, Explore Learning, attracted over 13,000 entrants from budding young writers from across the UK. Jamie Reger was awarded a trip to Disney Land Paris with his family, as well as £500 worth of books for his school, Broomfield House in Kew.

The task was to write a 500-word story with the theme ‘Old and New’ and Jamie Reger’s story stood out amongst the thousands of other entries made due to its creative approach, ingenuity and wonderful use of descriptive language.

Jamie’s story was about how a cuddly bear links a boy to his distant past. The story can be read in full here

The winning entry was selected by bestselling children’s author Andrew Cope, famous for the popular ‘Spy Dog’ series. Andy commented: “The entrants this year completely blew me away. These are some of the best young writers in the country and I’ve loved the opportunity to get involved in a competition where we encourage children to put pen to paper, get inspired and create something that’s never been created before. I chose Jamie’s story because it was simple, thought-provoking and leaves me wanting more. Where will the history book and teddy take him next? I can feel a series coming on…

The competition aims to encourage children to get their creative juices flowing and give writing a try and to support this, tutors from Explore Learning ran free workshops with hundreds of schools across the UK.

Jamie said: "I was very surprised to find out I'd won. I have wanted to be an author since I started learning to write, so to win Explore Learning's National Young Writer of the Year from over 13,000 children was a dream come true. I was thrilled to be chosen by an amazing author like Andrew Cope. He said my story made him cry. I'm so excited about taking my family to Disneyland Paris to celebrate!"

Alexis Humphrey from Explore Learning was thrilled with the number of entries received this year. She said: “Writing is a fantastic pastime for children. As well as helping with their grammar and spelling, it takes them away to another place where anything goes; it lets their imagination run free and we were amazed by the inventiveness of some of the stories we received. We’re proud to put on a competition that attracted so many entrants and want to congratulate all our participants, and of course Jamie, who fought off tough competition to have his story named the best in the country.

Explore Learning specialise in providing maths and English tuition to children aged 5-14 of all abilities. The programme works in line with the National Curriculum and offers members a fun and stimulating learning environment, allowing them to fulfil their full potential outside of the classroom.

More information about Explore Learning and their tuition services

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