Thinking of Self-publishing?

Authors talk candidly about their self-publishing experiences.

Self-publishing printed books.

For a Children's Niche Market with GARRY SLACK, author of the Learn to sign with Olli series.

Children's Fiction with JANET FOXLEY, author of Midsummer Legend and the 2010 Times Chicken House winner.

For an Adult Niche Market with JUNE AUSTIN, author of The Genesis of Man

YA Fiction  with GARETH MOTTRAM, author of Jason Willow.

Adult Fiction with LOUISE WISE, author of Eden.

Teenage Fiction with  HOLLY STACEY, author of The Faerie Conspiracies.

Children's Fiction  with BRIAN LUX, author of Loppylugs and the Dam.

A Fantasy Novel with BARRY NUGENT, author of Fallen Heroes.

A Children's Fiction Series with DEBRA J EDWARDS, author of the Aggie Lichen series.

Self-Publishing an ebook

Crossover Fiction with KATIE W STEWART, author of Treespeaker.

Adult Fiction with HOWARD THOMAS, author of Flower in the Dustbin.

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